Shipping Policy

General Terms:

  1. Currently, Maradano (Tawau) Sdn. Bhd. will use UTS as our primary courier service for deliveries within Sabah.
  2. All items are charged by weight, which is based on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.
  3. As we dispatch items from Malaysia, dispatch times may vary for each item even if they are ordered at the same time. Once your order has been dispatched, we offer the following times for delivery in business days:
    Shipping within Sabah: 2-7 business days.
  4. No delivery and pick up on Sundays and public holidays. For states observing Fridays as their weekends, no delivery on Fridays, public holidays.
  5. Maradano (Tawau) Sdn. Bhd. will try its best to ensure the products are packed and delivered at the soonest possible. Normally, orders that are confirmed before 11:00 AM will be arranged for pick up on the same day.
  6. All steps and precautions will be taken by the courier service and Maradano (Tawau) Sdn. Bhd. to ensure safety of items. All packages will be properly packed so as to minimize damages during transit of items, as well as to be able to withstand manual handling.
  7. Once your order has been confirmed we are unable to change your delivery address due to security reasons. We advise that you make sure all details are correct before processing your order.
  8. Our orders all ship from Sabah.